Phyllis Becker was born to sing. Phyllis began singing at the early age of 7 at a school talent show. Her first song was “Over the Rainbow” the second song “Summertime” from Porky and Bess. “Singing just comes natural” she says. It's what I have always dreamed of doing.

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany into a military family, Phyllis has traveled most of her life. It has only been the past decade that she has settled down in Wisconsin, yet Phyllis is not ready to stop the traveling. She put her career on hold to raise a family and then to take care of her parents.  In 2000 she created her first album "Looking Back At Life" which got numerous airplay in Europe. 

Three years ago, she decided it was time for her dream to become a reality. She formed the “Starkweather Bay Blues Band” and they have been performing all over the state of Wisconsin at nightclubs and Blues festival.

Music has not always been an easy road for her. Singing in Broadway musicals overseas, singing with country bands and then moving around, kept her from pursuing her dream. Children, work, and taking care of her parents took priority over her dream. Phyllis never thought she would have the opportunity of living her dream, but decided to give it one more try. After attending many open mic nights, she realized that she had missed out on what her true calling was in music and that is singing the Blues. With years of experience behind her she is finally living the dream. Writing songs for the band and being the band manager keeps her busy. The band will be releasing its first album this year with originals and some older blues tunes that will make you sit up and listen.

Phyllis’ love of music doesn’t end with her band.  She created and is the president of “Dodge County Musicians Association” with the goal of promoting, networking and giving back to the community.  With over 25 members they have raised money for several music scholarships, have promoted local bands in the area and held several open jams to keep live music going.  Her band ‘Starkweather Bay Blues Band” has performed at several local charitable events and she has organized other bands to help raise money for the homeless, the Disabled Veterans, the Badger Honor Flight and the Wisconsin USO. 

Phyllis says “Music has given me so much in my life, it kept me from going crazy at times, it lifts your spirits when your down, it makes you cry when you need to and makes you smile when you think you can’t.  Giving back to the community is a way for me to share my joy of music with others.”


Dennis Becker / Bio

Dennis Becker never dreamed he would be a front man for a Blues band.  Dennis sang to himself for years while working on cars.  If you have a question about an old car he is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.  Dennis always enjoyed listening to the Blues and could be heard singing along with them while he worked.  Dennis decided to give singing a try at a Karaoke show and history was made.  He sang Joe Cocker songs and many people said he sounded just like him. 

Dennis and his wife Phyllis, (who has been involved in music all her life) began a band three years ago called “Starkweather Bay Blues Band.”  With his deep blue’s voice and his being able to give each song its own unique sound, he is has become one of the most noticed Blues male vocalist in the area.  Dennis is still learning the trade but his love of the blues and his eye for details makes each song he does a pleasure and joy to listen too.  Dennis is “Starkweather Bay Blues Band- Blues Man.”



Pam Brozek grew up in rural town of Fall River, Wisconsin.  She began playing guitar as a child and converted to bass in 2010. Pam’s first band influence was with the rock band in Fall River School and then in college with other bands. She has been in a church praise band-Revelation playing bass and singing lead and backgrounds.

Pam joined the “Starkweather Bay Blues Band” in 2015.  She has become one of the best female blues bass players in the State of Wisconsin.  She is always learning new styles and techniques that she brings to the band to give the songs more life.  Pam has a degree in music and is often helping the band with chord changes and sound.

Pam musical influences are Janis Joplin, Carol King and Phobie Snow are among her first women influences in music.  Pam goal is play as often as possible and to bring the blues to audiences all over. 


Bryan Johnston was born and lived in Belmont and Central on the North side of Chicago where he learned to love the blues. Bryan grew up mostly in the Northwest suburbs but listened to his older brothers records of Jimi Hendrix, Cream/Clapton, Deep Purple and other blues inspired classic rock. Bryan fell in love with the sound of Stevie Ray Vaugh in the 80's and was a frequent patron at the Chitown Blues clubs where he saw many of the great legends of blues such as BB King, Buddy Guy, Jr. Wells, Koko Taylor and many more artist.

Bryan's has been playing guitar since age 12 but got more serious about his playing in 2002 when he relocated to Wisconsin. His style of playing draws from the hard strumming of SRV rhythms, but he has started to delve more into the older generations of his blues heroes like BB King, Albert and Freddie King, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy. He also enjoys psychedelic rock/blues of Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.

Bryans joined the Starkweather Bay Blues Band in January 2016 and has been one of the main players in the band with his smooth style and his joy of playing which is evident when he plays. His goal is to expose younger guitarist to an important part of American music history. Bryan enjoys seeing people feel the music when the band plays and bringing the joy of the blues to the audience.


 Ron Warren was born to drum.  Ron started drumming in High School and went on to drum with local legends band "The Alimony Blues Band."  Ron has been an important member to SWB since the very beginning.  He is always looking for new drum beats to add to a song to make it unique.  One of the hardest working drummers in the midwest Ron will entertain you with his style. 


One of the newest members of SWB is Kevin Adkin.  Kevin is a great lead guitarist but also know how to play the rhythms of many many of the blues songs.  Keving has played with many bands throughout the state of Wisconsin and Illinios for years.  We are proud to have him join our band.

Don Everson: 

Don from Fall River, WI, has played with many bands in the midwest but put his love of music on hold in order to be with his family.  Don is looking forward to being a big part of SWB and we are so glad he has decided to join us. 

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